Status Quo Tribute Band - Counterfeit Quo

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Status Quo Tribute Band - Counterfeit Quo

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£1200 - £1500

Formed by four hardened Status Quo fans, Counterfeit Quo have toured all over the U.K & Europe. The band have also had the honour of working with original Quo drummer John Coghlan and been given the seal of approval by Francis...
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An adrenaline charged set sees the band crash their way through Quo's best known hits including Caroline, Down Down, Whatever You Want and Rocking All Over The World whilst still paying tribute to glorious earlier albums like Ma Kelly's, Dog Of Two Head, Piledriver, Hello, 'Quo' etc.

Any temptation to 'lighten up' has been firmly resisted. What you get is heads down, no-nonsense boogie! Played on the familiar beaten up green and white Telecasters by the denim clad true likenesses of the original Quo members, with wall to wall Marshall amps, buckets of sweat and more hair than you can shake a stick at.

Originally named Piledriver, Counterfeit Quo formed in Essex in early 1995 by four hardened Quo fans who quickly set out to recreate the dynamic, energetic live Quo performances of old. The bands reputation spread quickly and they have now toured every nook and cranny of the UK, ventured into Europe and featured on local and national BBC Radio.

Over the past year the band have had the pleasure of working with original Quo drummer John Coghlan, either as part of his own band, John Coghlan's Quo, or with John appearing as a special guest on Counterfeit Quo gigs.

They have also been given the seal of approval from no less than Quo's very own Francis Rossi.

Song List

Song List

•Rockin' All Over The World
•Whatever You Want
•Down Down
•In The Army
•Burning Bridges
•Something 'bout You Baby I Like
•Pictures Of Matchstick Men
•In My Chair
•Dont Waste My Time
•Wild Side Of Life
•Big Fat Mama
•Dirty Water
•Paper Plane
•What You're Proposin'
•Roll Over Lay Down
•Down The Dustpipe
•Forty-five Hundred Times
•Break The Rules
•Anniversary Waltz
•Hold You Back
•Again And Again
•The Wanderer
•And Many More!

Booking Options

Booking Options

Counterfeit Quo offer 1 x 60 mins or 1 x 90 mins set.