Bee Gees Tribute Act - The UK Bee Gees

Approx price. £1500 - £1750

This award winning show is recognised as one of the UK's best Bee Gees tributes! The UK Bee Gees perform the classic hits we all know and love in an identical tribute show to the legendary Gibb brothers...

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About Bee Gees Tribute Act - The UK Bee Gees

The UK Bee Gees have gone to great lengths to be certain that not only is the music impressively accurate, but that they look part as well.

The members of the UK Bee Gees have worked together since 1990 and have performed all over the world taking in performances throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. They regularly host sell-out concerts and have performed at many of the top international venues and hotels around the globe.

Performing all of the classics; the harmonic vocals, the look, the mannerisms and the dry humour are all faithfully re-created. Covering disco hits like ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and 'Night Fever' all the way through to romantic ballads such as ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ through their top of the range sound system...

Booking Options

The UK Bee Gees offer 2 x 45 mins sets as standard.

Song List / Repertoire

Stayin' Alive

Night Fever

You Should Be Dancing

How Deep Is Your Love


And many more...


What people say about Bee Gees Tribute Act - The UK Bee Gees

"These guy’s are as close you will ever get to the real Bee Gee’s, their look and harmonies are fantastic. We can’t wait to have them back." - Ricky Tomlinson, The Greenroom Liverpool

"Hi, just wanted to say that the team were fantastic, excellent set up, fantastic sound and lighting and very entertaining performance. We couldn’t have asked for more! Many thanks to the UK Bee Gees for making our party." - Paul & Jason Saunders

"It took little time for the UK Bee Gees to get their audience gyrating to the songs of over 20 years ago and the dance floor remained packed for the whole evening." - Mike Page, SLCC

"The UK Bee Gees turned up on time and set up. They were totally self-contained and extremely well organised. I am new to this and when I asked the Seckford Theatre manager are all acts as good as this she said definitely not. She stated this was the most professional and best organised group she had ever worked with. The concert went very well and the audience had a whale of a time. Dancing in the aisles. We would highly recommend the UK Bee Gees and will be booking them again." - Rotary Club of Felixstowe Languard