The Top 5 Tribute Acts in The World

The world's best tribute acts in 2022

It's no surprise that tribute acts are one of the most popular forms of entertainment worldwide. The fact that a lot of people aren't able to see their favourite artists live in concert creates an incredibly high demand for tribute performances. There are thousands of tribute acts around the world, so we've created a list of the best of the best, who recreate the sounds and looks of everyone's favourite musicians...

Javier Parisi

This Argentine tribute to John Lennon is insanely talented and possibly the most accurate lookalike in the world to the Liverpudlian Legend. Javier Parisi doesn't only recreate the very sound and style of John Lennon, he also has his mannerisms and even his sense of humour down to a tee.

"Javier doesn't just impersonate John: like a method actor, he really inhabits the role" says Helen Anderson, the Liverpool-born fashion designer who studied art and remained lifelong friends John and Cynthia Lennon.

Marc Martel

Marc Martel is widely recognised as the best Freddie Mercury tribute act in the world and has even performed alongside Roger Taylor. In 2017, Marc famously shocked Celine Dion on live television, singing 'Somebody to Love' to her, which brought the superstar to tears!

“When I listen to you sing it’s like Freddie walked into the room.” said Roger Taylor after hearing Marc Martel sing in the official Queen tribute project.

Jeffrey Perez

Recognised worldwide as 'the best' tribute to the Michael Jackson, Jeffrey Perez has gained an impressive following over the years he has dedicated to wowing his crowds with the iconic moves of the 'King of Pop'. He was even interviewed on US television show 'Ellen' after gaining so much popularity.

"I pay tribute to someone I've loved ever since I was barely able to speak" - Jeffrey Perez

Rob Lamberti

After coming third in television talent show 'Stars in Their Eyes' in 1994, this George Michael tribute act went on to have a very successful career impersonating the pop idol. Rob is such an uncanny lookalike that George Michael himself stated "People keep mistaking me for Rob Lamberti".

"I was thrilled to know that the man I'd been making my career, was actually watching what I did" said Rob Lamberti after finding out George Michael was a big fan and had snuck in to watch Rob's show.

Belinda Davids

Known for her outstanding performance on TV show 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2020, Belinda Davids is viewed as one of the best Whitney Houston tribute acts in the world. Whitney Houston's powerful vocal ability is known to be one of the hardest sounds for a singer to recreate but this South African star does just that with ease.

"You are utterly spellbinding" Amanda Holden stated after Belinda shocked her crowd on talent show 'Britain's Got Talent'.


Honourable Mentions

Harry Cambridge

Ever since his iconic appearance on TV show 'Stars in Their Eyes' in 1994, this uncanny Luther Vandross tribute act continued to provide his smooth, soulful performance to his fans, selling out theatre shows around the world! Harry's voice is so impressive that the producers of the show asked him to return for two special shows.

"This is one vocalist who should be seen as a performer and not just a tribute act…" - The Stage

Mark Summers

Mark Summers is one of the worlds leading tributes to the 'King of Rock n Roll'. Voted as the UK's number 1 tribute to Elvis and three winner of the National Tribute Awards, Mark Summers has taken his show to countless countries and there's no denying he is up there with some of the best tribute acts in the world!

"Mark Summers does a fabulous rendition of one of my favourite songs that Elvis performed 'All Shook Up'. A true feast for the eyes and ears!" said Mindi Miller, an ex-girlfriend of Elvis, after she was blown away by Mark's live performance.