What do you need to book a live wedding band

Looking at live bands for your wedding

What to do before booking a wedding band?

Before booking a live wedding band, there will be some common questions asked your way by the band. This is to help the band plan what they will need to make your day as special and amazing as you want it to be. 

The most common questions from wedding bands are:

  • Does the wedding venue have power supplied where you would like the performance?
  • Do they have a sound system, PA and lights at the wedding venue?
  • Is there somewhere nearby they can park and unload their equipment? 
  • Can the band access the performance area easily? 

It's not a lot but...

just having these answers in your back pocket can really help speed up the booking process AND show the band that you're a serious customer who knows what they're doing.

At Henderson Management

We don't just worry about our bands asking questions here, we're well aware that YOU might have some questions of your own and if you ever do, don't ever hesitate to reach out to us. You can use our LIVE CHAT feature for this or CONTACT US by clicking HERE!

What about you?

You may also have questions for the band and that's perfectly fine. 
Here are a few examples:

  • Will you play my first dance? - Most of the time our bands are happy to accommodate this request with enough time to learn
  • How many sets can they perform? - Most bands will perform either 1x60 mins or 2x45 mins (please check their profiles to find out)
  • Can I book them for one song? - No. Most bands only take bookings for a full set and/or will charge a full set fee, even if only 1 song is needed
  • Should you provide food and drink? - Some bands may ask for meals, food or drink due to distance and access to alternatives. It's not always necessary but appreciated if possible 

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