Coldplay Tribute Band - Ultimate Coldplay

Approx price. £1200 - £1500

Ultimate Coldplay are the UK's leading Coldplay tribute act featuring an uncanny lookalike and soundalike performance from their 'Chris Martin', David Jenkins...

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About Coldplay Tribute Band - Ultimate Coldplay

Since launching in 2017, Ultimate Coldplay have been widely recognised as being the world’s most accurate and well rounded tribute to Coldplay. This almost-identical tribute act are consistently described as the ‘next best thing’ to one the UK’s most popular bands. Pre-pandemic the band were flying all over, performing in various countries around the world, including various festivals as well as tours in Europe and Asia.

Ultimate Coldplay are the only Coldplay tribute featuring a true look-a-like Chris Martin, who not only sings but also plays piano and guitar just like Chris! The other three members of the bands, all look-a-likes, faithfully replicate note for note all the bands biggest hits including ‘Paradise’, ‘Fix You’, Viva la Vida’, ‘Yellow’ and many more...

Booking Options

Ultimate Coldplay can perform up to a 1 x 90 mins or 2 x 45 mins sets.

Song List / Repertoire

Higher Power
Viva La Vida
Every Teardrop is a waterfall
The Scientist
My Universe
Sky Full of Stars
God put a Smile on Your Face
Hymn for the Weekend
In My Place
Fix You
Adventure of a Lifetime
Something Just Like This
Hurts like Heaven
Speed of Sound