David Bowie Tribute Act - The Bowie Experience

Approx price. £500 - £1500

The only David Bowie tribute act in the world to be invited, and attend the 'invitation only' private viewing of the 'David Bowie Is' Exhibition at the V&A Museum in London! Available solo or as a live band show...

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About David Bowie Tribute Act - The Bowie Experience

The only David Bowie tribute act in the world to be invited, and attend the 'invitation only' private viewing of the 'David Bowie Is' Exhibition at the V&A Museum in London in 2013.

August 11th 2013 BowieXp performed live on the steps of the V&A London as part of the 'Occupy Bowie' event, to close the David Bowie Is Exhibition.

The Bowie Experience was first established in 1997, initially called 'Spaceboy'(taking inspiration from the album 'outside')
it was formed by a group of musicians attending music college.

Spaceboy played Beckenham's annual Bowiefest (sharing a stage with Steve Harley), appeared in Dazed and Confused magazine and recorded 'the Laughing Gnome' for an animation company in Cologne, Germany, before ending it's run at 'the Bournemouth Festival of Light' outdoor concert in late 1998.

In 2003, Laurence performed live as David Bowie at The Royal Albert Hall, and in the same year The Bowie Experience supported Roy Wood (of Wizard fame) in Scotland.

From 2004/5 to date The Bowie Experience have been featured regularly on davidbowie.com and Blam (of Bowienet) asked for two copies of the unplugged cd from the Bowie Experience, one for him, and one for Mr Bowie.

Laurence as Ziggy Stardust was employed by British Telecom to promote their 'Mars Communicator' at Leicester Space Centre, he was asked by Sky Tv to appear at the launch of the Biography Channel, Ziggy also appeared
in Armando Ianucci's comedy series 'Time Trumpet', and 'Don't Tell The Bride' for the BBC, recreated the Ziggy Stardust album cover photograph by appearing in Heddon street to feature in an 'app' for the Museum of London and performed at the very top of the 'gherkin' building in central London.

In 2009 The Bowie Experience played an outdoor festival in Surrey supporting 'The Boomtown Rats' (and ended up playing
the headline slot!)

Previous clients include:-

* Matthew Street Festival (liverpool City Council)
* Royal Albert Hall
* Rolls Royce
* Sky Television
* Bbc Television
* Renegade Productions
* Waterhouse Accountants, Carphone Warehouse
* Alta Zenica Pharmaceuticals
* London Maritime Museum
* London Museum
* Phoenix Theatre London
* Armando Iannucci
* Jumping Jaks Chain
* Munich University
* Leicester Space Centre
* British Telecom
* The Beagle Mars Lander Project
* And Many More

Booking Options

Available solo or with live band.

usual set formats are 2x50 minutes but different set formats available if required - just ask!

How the show runs is again your choice but usually - the first set being 'Ziggy' era music with relevant costume, and the second set 'Ziggy' era to present day

What people say about David Bowie Tribute Act - The Bowie Experience

Laurence my I congratulate you and your band when last at the Limelight. I have seen you there on two other occasions and you are really believable!!.
I have seen the man himself on many occasions including Toronto in Canada, Rotterdam in Holland, The old Wembley, Main road Manchester,Milton Kenyes and more recently at the Men arena Manchester. You come very close indeed. No wonder the man himself likes you!!

Mark Rofe, The Limelight, Crewe.

posted by Mark Rofe


The largest crowds were to be found around the Tunnel stage, as always, opposite St John’s garden. It’s a genuinely wonderful place to escape during the festival, to witness that heady cocktail of picnicking families, underage drinkers and sun dappled overweight husbands joining together in a sing-a-long of ‘Rebel Rebel,’ performed by The Bowie Experience. The lead of which donned in a Union Jack Trench coat, really does have an uncanny semblance to the real David Bowie. Alarmingly so.

Seven Streets (newspaper) Mathew Street Festival, Liverpool.

posted by Seven Streets - Liverpool