Stereophonics Tribute Band - The Stereotonics

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Stereotonics are the UK’s leading tribute to the Stereophonics. The Stereotonics are now selling out venues throughout the UK since forming their Stereophonics tribute in 1999...

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About Stereophonics Tribute Band - The Stereotonics

Formed in 1999, Stereotonics have now built up a reputation as the leading Stereophonics tribute throughout the UK. Just recently, the real band even heard the boys performing and gave them the official seal of approval. This was during a pre-recorded interview on Virgin Radio with Ben Jones. The band were asked about tribute bands and the first name that was mentioned was Stereotonics and when they heard one of their mp3’s they were really surprised and even admitted that it sounded just like them!

Paul, the lead singer even got to meet his heroes at a secret gig that Stereophonics played in London in January 2005. When approached and told that Paul was the lead singer from Stereotonics, Kelly Jones knew exactly who he was and they even had a chat about the new songs and gigs they had both done at the same venue’s throughout the UK.

In addition to this, Stereotonics have also been featured on Radio 1 and were given a title of “one of the best tribute bands in the UK today…” This just about sums up all the hard work and effort the band have put in over the years and is probably testament to one of the hardest working tribute bands in the country.

Now, it seems with the popularity of the Stereophonics getting even greater, the next best thing is getting even busier as well. A certain must for any University ball, private function or even festival.
Stereotonics can deliver. End of!

The Band.
On lead vocals is Paul Higginson, the driving force behind the band. Paul has over the years appeared on several TV and Radio shows playing both his own material and Stereophonics songs. As a performer you will be hard pressed to find anyone as dedicated as Paul when it comes to copying almost every single move that Kelly Jones makes on stage from the way he sways is body to the all out foot stomping which has become a trademark at gigs. Paul has performed at many big festivals and has appeared in front of crowds of no less than 20,000 at a time in recent years and this looks set to be the same as more and more gigs are booked with the new album making huge sales week by week.

On drums is Jodie Hawkes, younger brother of Chesney Hawkes. Jodie has been playing in bands with his big brother since the age of 12. Jodie at present still tours with Chesney and can be seen at every show he does to this day. Jodie is a seasoned professional that has played alongside the likes of Pete Townsend (The Who), Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue), Francis Dunnery (It Bites) to name but a few and has appeared on Top of The Pops on no less than 7 occasions. Obviously Jodie’s C.V. speaks for itself and coming from a musical background – his father is Len “chip” Hawkes of 1960’s super group, The Tremolo’s – he is destined for even greater success in the future.

Playing guitar is Jolyon Dixon. Jolyon has in the past played with lots of big named artists such as Toyah Wilcox, Scarlet (An independent Love
song) and has even just been asked to perform with Mark Owen (ex Take
That) on his current UK tour. Jolyon is responsible for all the guitars on Mark’s first solo album, Green Man along with many sessions for other artistes. Jolyon’s time is spent recording demo’s for new, up and coming bands in his own studio in Salisbury and his most recent workings are with Rachel Fuller, partner of Pete Townsend and has performed on worldwide tours with her recently.

Finally there is Stuart Ross on bass guitar. Like Jolyon, Stuart has appeared with most of the same artistes and is also the touring bass player with classical violinist Vanessa Mae. Stuart is also a great drummer and was originally asked to play drums with Mark Owen but opted to play bass instead when their bass player was taken ill just before their first European tour. Since then, Stuart has been at the helm for a host of big names and continues to get calls asking for his services.

With such a great line-up and experience, Stereotonics are now established as the only tribute to book if it’s a Stereophonics show you want. Obviously there may be times when the “A-team” line-up may not be fully available but Paul also has a great “B-team” line-up as well. This includes members of The Mock Turtles, the band that had the smash hit, “Can you dig it” .

With all of this in mind, Paul has built up around him a team that can work at any time of day in any county be it from as far north as Aberdeen down to the far reaches of Cornwall.

The band is completely self-contained with their own professional PA and Lighting system, which also carries its own engineers when needed.

Booking Options

Stereotonics offer:- 1 x 60 mins or 1 x 75 mins.