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The old adage of 'you get what you pay for' rings true for many, many things and it's certainly no different when it comes to booking great tribute acts for events...

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'how much does a tribute band cost?'... with that in mind, we thought we'd add to our growing HELP CENTRE, a bit of steer for any first time bookers of tribute acts or indeed more generally if you're wanting to refresh yourself on what sort of prices to expect from the best tribute acts out there.


Now we did just mention above only the TRIBUTE BANDS of this world but of course, tribute acts can take on many shapes and sizes when it comes to the line-up and make-up of their show. Generally speaking, tribute bands and tribute acts can be split into the following categories...

Tribute bands a live band playing music only by the artist they’re paying tribute to - matching the instrumentation and performance style of the original artist, as well as featuring authentic costumes and instruments.


Tribute groups: such as Take That, Spice Girls, Jersey Boys, Little Mix - so groups with live vocals and backing tracks. These often fall into the tribute band category as well though.


Solo tribute acts/singers: a live vocalist mimicking the performance and songs of a famous artist in authentic costume, often a close personal resemblance to the original act - performing over pre-recorded backing tracks. Some solo tribute acts such as, Madonna tribute acts, Kylie Minogue tribute acts, Taylor Swift tribute acts, Tina Turner tribute acts etc can expand their show with addition of backing dancers. A nice visual touch if you are wanting a fuller stage but without a live band.


Duo tribute acts: much like solo tribute acts but featuring two performers i.e Abba tribute duos, Blues Brothers tribute acts etc.



Solo tribute acts - £500-£700
Duo tribute acts - £700-£850
Tribute groups - £1000-£1500
Tribute bands - £1000-£2500

The above  is certainly a good guide and where you should aim to be looking for the pro. acts out there. Our advice, don't be tempted to go cheap and cheerful. There's normally a reason cheap tribute acts are cheap(!)


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